Overcoming Fear and Finding Safety

Embark on a journey of profound healing as we delve into the transformative impact of addressing deeply ingrained fears. This blog shares the remarkable story of an individual who experienced lasting change through intuitive sessions that dissolved fear patterns, allowing them to tap into newfound freedom and the potential for growth. This is a true story of overcoming fear and finding safety.

From Cat:

I have had a lot of work done over the years and the only 2 sessions that made a world of difference (and held) was yours and one with WL. They both related to fear. Wayne helped release a long held fear pattern held in my muscles with NOT which helped significantly with my pain. And after your session I started to complete some things much easier and had more flexibility which has held!!

What you do is profound (and your intuition played a big role for me – it is a gift) and I feel very privileged to have had that session with you which I have no doubt already mentioned.

After 30 years on and off of therapy to ‘fix’ myself I have finally come to understand there is nothing ‘wrong’ with me other than I don’t feel safe! And if I don’t feel safe (and until that is addressed) nothing or very little will hold which of course has been the case. As a consequence I am in constant ‘flight or fight’ and haven’t felt ‘safe’ to move on and use any modalities I have learnt like your course, kinergetics or eft outside of my massage.

Now with this new awareness I am keen to work with what works. I can now see the real possibility of feeling safe and expanding! 

-Cat Ryon, Tasmania, Australia – Client of Moira Dempsey, Australia (2015)

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