Overcoming Memory Challenges at 74

Join us in celebrating a heartening triumph as we delve into the inspiring journey of a 74-year-old who found renewed vitality through Rhythmic Movement Training International (RMTi). Overcoming memory challenges and disorientation, this individual’s story showcases the incredible impact of RMTi coupled with memory exercises, proving that it’s never too late to embrace positive change and newfound happiness. Keep reading to learn about one mans journey in overcoming memory challenges!

From Reena:

I started RMT with a lot of kids at our centre. There were a lot of differences but will like to share the story of a 74 year old person.

He was depressed and had difficulties with memory retrieval. He could not even remember what he ate for breakfast 2 minutes after eating. Was disoriented with days and dates, rather completely unaware.

I started him with rhythmic movements two months back and coupled that with diary writing of what he did for the full day – writing it every time he did something. Exercises were done in the morning and retrieval was done in the evening by reading the diary.

Initially the retrieval time was an hour with lots of cues. Now, he does not refer to the diary and tells all that he did for the full day in just 5-10 minutes. He is more confident, more optimistic and wants to make friends now where initially he was very negative and was waiting for his death.

Since he is retired now and there was nothing much to do, I checked something that he likes. I had asked him to draw his daily schedule and saw that he was good at sketching. So, now he is allotted a daily homework of 5-10 figures which he has to finish at the end of the day. He now takes initiative with most of the things. Initially he used to feel that exercises are not helpful. Now he doesn’t want to stop and live more. He is more happy now and looks forward to his life.


-Reena Singh, RMTi Instructor, Mumbai India

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