Overcoming Anxiety: A Journey to Confidence and Transformation

Embark on a powerful narrative of personal transformation as we delve into a story of resilience and growth. In the face of an MS diagnosis, this blog chronicles a journey overcoming anxiety and self-doubt to newfound confidence and independence. Through the transformative practices of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Rhythmic Movement Training International (RMTi), discover how one individual’s life took a remarkable turn, proving the potential for inner strength and positive change.

From RMTi Client:

Last year I was diagnosed with MS. I’d always been an anxious person, but following the diagnosis I struggled to cope. I lost confidence in my work abilities, and couldn’t find comfort in anything…

Rachel suggested that we try EFT to help me deal with my feelings.

When things had settled down Rachel suggested that I try some RMT. I was given a series of exercises to do, focusing on the Fear Paralysis Reflex. I found the exercises really beneficial, and in a few weeks really started to notice the difference. I’d no longer feel constantly overwhelmed by things, I felt more confident and independent…

Following all the work I’ve done with Rachel I genuinely feel like a different person…

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