RMTi is based on the work and contributions of Swedish selftaught movement therapist Kerstin Linde, Swedish psychiatrist Harald Blomberg and Australian educator and kinesiologist, Moira Dempsey. The courses taught by Rhythmic Movement Training International (RMTi), founded by Moira Dempsey, combine the rhythmic movements with in-depth reflex integration techniques into an effective program that is taught world-wide by a growing network of certified trainers.

Dr Harald Blomberg, a Swedish psychiatrist, met Kerstin Linde in the mid-1980s and started to use the movements with his patients and found that they had profound effects. He also studied with other movement specialists. Moira Dempsey, an Australian Educational and Developmental kinesiologist became interested in the role of retained reflexes in learning and behavioural challenges in the mid 1990’s. Moira Dempsey met Dr. Blomberg in 2003 and started using the movements herself and with clients. She noticed remarkable results. In 2011 Harald and Moira released the RMT book Movements that Heal.

In 2012, Harald Blomberg decided to forego active involvement with RMTi to pursue other interests. We are grateful for his contributions and we continue to develop both traditional and innovative approaches to our work, always keeping in mind what will best serve the needs of students, clients and practitioners of RMTi. In July 2014 Moira Dempsey and Harald Blomberg issued a public statement about RMT. Click here to view this statement.

RMTi is committed to providing worldwide movement based reflex integration training courses that are accurate, effective, consistent and respectful of the needs of clients, students and providers.


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