Reclaiming Independence

Explore the inspiring journey of how RMTi sparked a remarkable turnaround for a 78-year-old man battling Parkinson’s Disease. Discover how RMT not only restored his mobility and aided in reclaiming independence but also ignited newfound hope and vitality in his life.

From Linda:

My 78 year old uncle was profoundly affected in a very positive way by using RMT. He suffered from Parkinson’s Disease and was rapidly declining. He was losing his ability to get his legs into a car and was using a walker, even in the house.

After 3-4 months of RMT, he was riding in cars and getting in and out without assistance. He not only stopped using the walker, but was able to climb stairs. RMT drastically improved the quality of his life and gave him the independence we so easily take for granted.

-Linda Vettrus, MN, USA

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