The Remarkable Impact of ATNR and Rhythmic Movements

This blog delves into the fascinating power of ATNR and rhythmic movements, as these techniques open up new horizons of growth and development for exceptional young individuals. Join us as we explore the transformative impact of these gentle yet potent methods, fostering progress, hope, and happiness for children and their families alike.

From K. Mc:

I have had stunning results with ATNR this week with some of my regular customers, amazing calming softening changes in super-hyper children (7-12 yrs) with the gentle activations. Mothers are speechless at the relaxation that has descended – and we’ve seen good shifts before -…….. I’m really, really surprised……and delighted of course. Wonderful start to their holidays.

I saw a wonderful thing happen with the passive feet movements this week with a 12yr old nonverbal autistic boy…. his mouth is always very ‘tight’, top teeth often over bottom lip, lips ‘thin’ and taut, tucked in almost, and he doesn’t use his tongue for eating yet, so that’s been a goal for this term’s work. i started using the movements with him after the gathering; this week as soon as we got together he lay flat on the floor “ready'(when we first started he didn’t even feel safe enough to lie down, so we used to work from a sitting position). As I started with his feet and ankles, he smiled – which has never happened before, then his lips went all ‘floppy’ and he moved them round and round as his head moved, as if he were licking them but without the tongue, and then, and this blew me out, this boy who has a blunt guttural type voice when he does attempt to speak – sang!! (Usually I just hum or sing little rhymes as we do it, I’m no singer but the kids don’t care) – only brief but it was a sweet voice!!

-K. Mc, Gympie, Qld, Australia

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