I also wanted to let you know how much the Face the Fear course has impacted my well-being and my practice. I feel such an increased confidence and enthusiasm for my work and feel that I am seeing how people are functioning from a very foundational level and therefore am able to meet them where they are, not just in therapy and not just in theory but in everyday life. The way I see it is that we all have our "normal" where we function from and the key is not to just see what that is, what reflexes are active and jump right in, but to see what that normal is and where a given person is able to begin. I feel like things became clear as far as the hierarchy of reflexes and development, but it also became clear that you cannot just follow the hierarchy of this reflex comes first developmentally so let's start here, but that you can really only start where a person is capable and accepting of starting. I guess it's not that you can't start somewhere else but it will not be as beneficial and will not be as accepted by the body as a lasting change or reset of the default "normal." I feel as though one way of explaining things may be in terms of efficiency of movement and effort, and the differentiation of the effort and energy. A person can function somewhat effectively and be "successful' in terms of society and even by ones own standards, yet still not be efficient with their energy and movement. When holding active reflex patterns we are expending needless energy, sending continuous signals where they don't need to go and activating muscles that may not need to be activated, therefore we are wasting energy and effort, energy that is then not available to devote to other life experiences physically, mentally and emotionally. We are initiating our responses from a circuitry that is already stressed. It only follows that if we become more precise and differentiated in our movements and our brain body connection than the only muscles that will be called in to do a job are those that are needed to do it. When we are more efficient and differentiated in our movements we have the energy and attention to devote to whatever needs arise instead of to our internal states. Of course we then also have the physiological effects of continuous stress when patterns are active and so on..... I realize this is simplistic in its explanation but it helps me make sense of things from my background.

I know we are all somewhere along the way and whatever our normal is at this moment is just fine :)

It was incredibly valuable to feel things in my own body and I am sooo thankful ... Moira ... and to my active MORO (ha ha) for the experience, the sharing and the openness. I feel more connected in the world personally and, amazingly to me, just feel blessed for the new opportunity without feeling any regret that I should have known this or that earlier so I could have.......

I just feel excited about where I am now......Thanks!!!!

Lenore DeRienzo
Palm Beach, FL, USA