I am a Brain Gym Consultant and for the past six years I have contracted to elementary schools and daycares in southern British Columbia, Canada. I was surprised and awed with the children’s acceptance of Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT). In some schools I have large case loads, limited time, and perceive a lot of children in survival mode. I find the RMT work is easy and simple to introduce to the children. I also see a dedicated willingness from the children to do the movements and an enthusiastic desire for more.

I notice the children are calmer with more organized movement patterns, emotional control and an eagerness for our time together. Three year olds are excitedly picking out their favorite movement from the Reflex card pictures, parents are seeing improvements and continuing the work at home as bedtime calmers, and educators are noticing a positive change in the children’s behaviors and organisation skills.

Pat Everatt
Keremeos BC Canada