"I'm so thankful there are people like Clare in the world who have sought answers for our children where few dare to look. I deliberated for a year or so about whether my nearly 5 year old's emotional and social development was normal or whether I should have her assessed by someone. She flew under the 'shy' radar at kindy. I took her to a Foundational Skills Screening with Clare and discovered she had a cluster of retained primitive reflexes that were likely the underlying cause of her challenges. We began implementing a program of Rhythmic Movement Training and sensory play in conjunction with chiropractic care. At a remarkable pace, my little girl moved from a world of anxiety, fatigue, meltdowns and overwhelm to a much sunnier disposition of playfulness, inquisitive exploration and moments of pure uninhibited joy. She can now enjoy her childhood".

Amanda Jones – Adelaide SA Australia Client of Clare Crew RMTi Provider South Australia