RMT movements have always been a staple in the menu of tools I use successfully with my clients since 2004.

A 5 year old boy was diagnosed with mild autism with ADHD 2 years ago and I started seeing him in November 2014. He was a hurricane when I first saw him...erratic movements, highly unorganized, unfocused, grabbed anything he saw and tore the few play items I had hanging on my metal cabinet. He would only be cooperative when he's 'motivated' with chocolates and sweets, and he was not learning much in school.

I started using a number of the rhythmic movement activities each week for a couple of minutes for each activity. In addition to this, I taught his mum how to do them with him at home. Home follow up activities became a routine for him and his mum. We increased the timing for each movement to 15 minutes by the end of the second month. We started seeing a different little boy by middle of December. He became much calmer, cooperative and happy. For the first time, mum reported that he has become more sociable and participated in play with other children and their New Year's holiday trip was so special as he was happy and calm.

His parents decided to home school him in January. Mum started reporting that his progress with his academic learning has taken such a sharp improvement. He was able to sit and focus on his learning with his tutor for longer period at a time. In April, something changed in him... he became highly active again..but this time it is different... he started to ask for school again, has begun to explore his surroundings more and making exclamations about things that surprised him. He has become a highly excitable boy hungry to connect with his physical and social environments. Another evaluation was done by the same clinical psychologist in April. She was pleasantly shocked and surprised at a different boy he has become. This time her report says he no longer shows the behavior and symptoms of autism. What a wonderful news!!

Noraini Mahmood RMTi Provider and Instructor Kingdom of Bahrain and Singapore