These are the changes I have found in my son Jack since starting to use Rhythmic Movements with him. At the present time Jack has now achieved pretend play, can tell me how he feels, can play with other children without hurting them, has stopped grinding his teeth, sucking his shirt and chewing bottle caps, and no longer wets the bed. His fine motor skills (i.e. handwriting) have improved amazingly and continue to improve week by week even though we have completed the specific RMT for Babkin/palmomental some weeks ago. Jack is mostly relaxed and enjoying his home-schooling.

Last year, when I removed him from school at midyear he knew 20 sounds (which was 2 more than he knew at the start of the school year!) and could spell 3 words. A very stressed little boy. By the end of the year he was just starting to read a bit and had about 40 small sight words. Still no spelling. This year we have just completed two thirds of the year one curriculum in the last 10 weeks. We are still having a problem with auditory processing with discriminating some sounds and short term memory sequencing with some sounds. All in all I am rather chuffed.

For Jack, one of the most valuable skills you taught me was the Facial Reflexes Massage. It changes the shape of his face, among other things! This week was the first time it did not put him into a deep sleep.


Davina Fraser

Kalgoorlie, WA, Australia