The path to becoming a licensed RMTi Level Three Instructor...

  1. Be an RMTi Level One & Two instructor
  2. Attend RMTi Three at least 1 more time (total of 3 times)
  3. Teach RMTi One at least five (5) classes – totalling 40 participants across the five (5) classes 
  4. Teach RMTi Two at least five (5) classes – totalling 30 participants across the five (5) classes 
  5. Attend RMTi Three Teacher Training
  6. Write three (3) more case studies OR write a magazine/journal/website article about RMTi & reflexes with reference to cases/clients
  7. Co-teach RMTi Three at least one (1) time
  8. Be observed teaching RMTi Three at least one (1) time
  9. Complete Application for Certification; pay application fee (Tier 1: $25.00; Tier 2: $10.00) 
  10. Re-sign instructor agreement with RMTi

To remain a licensed RMTi Instructor or Consultant, you will need to stay qualified/certified in your profession or modality, meet the continuing education requirements for RMTi Instructors, sign and adhere to the RMTi licensing agreement and pay the annual RMTi licensing fee.