The path to becoming a licensed RMTi Level One and Two Instructor...

  1. Be an RMTi Consultant for at least six (6) months
  2. Need to have attended RMTi One, Two and Three at least two (2) times
  3. Need to have attended the following at least once
    • Face the Fear
    • RMTi Intensive
    • Making Connections (as of January 2019)
  4. Complete three (3) further case studies (or six if not doing the RM & P step), including a six-month self-case study
  5. Written tests from all levels need to have been completed.
  6. Co-Teach RMTi One & RMTi Two at least two (2) times - if possible with different instructors (not required)
  7. Be observed teaching RMTi One & RMTi Two at least once
  8. Complete Application for Certification; pay the $75 USD application fee
  9. Sign (or re-sign) an Instructor Agreement with RMTi
  10. Pay Annual RMTi Licensing Fee

To remain a licensed RMTi Instructor or Consultant, you will need to stay qualified/certified in your profession or modality, meet the continuing education requirements for RMTi Instructors, sign and adhere to the RMTi licensing agreement and pay the annual RMTi licensing fee.