Moira Dempsey

I am a teacher by profession, and have been interested in kinesiology, especially, Educational Kinesiology / Brain Gym® since 1991. I have been a licensed BG instructor since 1997 and a Touch for Health Instructor since 2002. I have had a passionate interest in the role of infant reflexes and development for many years.

I met Harald Blomberg in 2003 at a camp for children with Special Needs conducted by Svetlana Masgutova Ph.D. I was fascinated by the movements devised by Kerstin Linde that he was using with the children in the camp – mostly because they looked so simple, however I had enormous difficulty doing them.

At the time I was living in Singapore and invited Dr Blomberg to come and teach the movements there. I began a working partnership with Dr Blomberg and with my background in teaching and kinesiology and my long interest and study in the area of reflexes was able to help to revise and create the RMT programme and take it out into the world.

In 2005, after 17 years living and working in Singapore and Malaysia I moved back to my home town of Melbourne Australia.

I set up RMTi in 2007, based in Melbourne Australia. This was the organisational and administrative arm of RMT and devised the training tracks for people to become RMTi Consultants and Instructors. From those days of being very people spreading the word about this wonderful programme, we have grown to having Instructors and Consultants on all continents (except Antarctica), and we continue to grow.

In 2012 Dr Blomberg decided he wished to go in a separate direction and he decided to leave RMT International. RMTi continued to grow, and in 2016 became an independent licensed programme administered by A Future for All in Houston TX USA. I made this decision so that RMTi will be able to continue to expand and flourish around the world for many, many years to come.

I continue to teach and mentor people in RMTi, and hope to do so for many more years to come.

My website is

Moira Dempsey (July 2016)


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