Agnès Canu Martin

RMTi Licensed Consultant
RMTi Licensed Instructor
RMTi Licensed Observer Faculty
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+336 68 02 22 43

Paris 8e, Île-de-France

Agnès Canu Martin

  • RMT for School Readiness
  • RMTi One - Focus, Organisation & Comprehension
  • RMTi Three - Reading and Writing
  • Essentials of RMTI - A Half Day Introduction to Rhythmic Movement Training
  • Rhythm, Movement and Play - A One Day Introduction to RMTI
  • RMTi Two - Emotions, Memory & Behavior
  • Face the Fear
  • RMTi Making Connections
  • RMTi Intensive (4 days)

Cabinet à Paris 8e et à Fontenay-Le-Fleury (proche de Versailles)
Instructrice en Education Kinesthésique et Core - spécialiste MNRI.
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