Evonne Bennell

RMTi Licensed Consultant
RMTi Licensed Instructor
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Sydney/Warrawee, New South Wales
Language(s): English

Evonne Bennell

  • RMT for School Readiness
  • RMTi One - Focus, Organisation & Comprehension
  • Essentials of RMTI - A Half Day Introduction to Rhythmic Movement Training
  • Rhythm, Movement and Play - A One Day Introduction to RMTI
  • RMTi Two – Emotions, Memory & Behavior
  • RMTi Three - Reading and Writing

My work is primarily a blend of RMT reflex integration with sensory support and play. I am passionate about using RMT for all ages from babies with meeting developmental milestones, developmental delays, those seeking learning support, postural stability and sensory modulation - using low cost movement solutions for enhanced brain/body organisation, primitive reflex integration and emotional resilience. Can't wait to share it with you - I teach anywhere so contact me if you would like more information or to learn RMT where you live

I am licensed to teach Brain Gym and Move to Learn .

I offer regular training of RMT 1, 2 and 3 or 1 day workshops and School Readiness to interested groups anywhere in Australia or overseas. you can read more about my background on my website.

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