Carolyn Nyland

RMTi Licensed Consultant
RMTi Licensed Instructor
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Berthoud, Colorado
United States
Language(s): English

Carolyn Nyland

  • RMT for School Readiness
  • RMTi One - Focus, Organisation & Comprehension
  • RMTi Three - Reading and Writing
  • Essentials of RMTI - A Half Day Introduction to Rhythmic Movement Training
  • RMTi Two – Emotions, Memory & Behavior

Carolyn is a licensed Brain Gym®, Eden Energy instructor for EEM 101/102 & Rhythmic Movement Training (RMTi) Instructor/ Consultant specializing in developmental and elementary education. She realized the value of movement as a classroom teacher. After 33 years of teaching, she continues her quest for ease of learning through intentional movement.

She has studied reflexes with several instructors around the World as well as studying with the founders of both RMT, Brain Gym, Eden Energy Medicine & Newborn Movement Assessment. Other modalities include classes in Touch for Health, Bal-A Vis-X, & MNRI,

Carolyn offers Brain Gym workshops in schools, teaches Brain Gym 101, Rhythmic Movement 1, 2, & 3, Optimal Brain Organization, throughout the US as well as working with individual clients.
She was as a member of the Educational Kinesiology Board of Directors. (2006 - 2010)

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