The policy of RMTi is to provide guidelines to our instructors about disclosing all information that may be relevant to the overall learning experience of a course participant. This policy also provides information about disclosing information about materials that may be available for sale in courses.

It is the policy of RMT International to ensure that the sale or promotion of products is not the primary focus of the course and does not affect course content nor does it affect the teacher’s delivery of the course content to the Learner. Rather it is course content that drives the creation of supplementary learning materials and items that may be offered for sale during courses. Products available to Learners at RMTi courses are for enhancing the learning experience of the Learner and for aiding the practical application of RMTi with clients.

It is the policy of RMTi to make available visual aids and other teaching materials related to the techniques and protocols in RMTi courses. These items, such as posters, charts and DVDs may be on display and may be briefly mentioned by the course teacher. Learners of RMT courses have a right to know that the Instructors who provide and sell these products receive a small percentage of the price of each item sold, in the range of 15- 20%. It is the Instructor’s choice whether to have the items available for sale or not. RMTi believes that it is our responsibility to ensure that course participants receive accurate and relevant information so as to provide the best possible learning experience for our students.

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