Foundation Classes

Essentials of RMTi Course – ONLINE

Prerequisites and Credits

Class Credits

(CEU equivalent)

Class Workshop Hours: 4

Class Description

Do you want to learn about reflexes, as well as 5 movements? This course is an introduction to RMTi and highlights the essentials of our program to give you a taste of RMTi and Primitive Reflex integration. In order to meet the requirements for this course, you will need to complete all online learning modules.

   – .4 CEU Credits – 


  • Complete Essential Course – Theory Only
  • Complete Essentials Course – Movements

Class Objectives

You will learn:

  • What is RMTi?
  • What are reflexes and why are they important?
  • What types of behaviors are commonly associated with retained reflexes?
  • What do babies teach us about movement and reflex integration?
  • What passive and active Rhythmic Movements can be used to begin integrating reflexes? 

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