Svetlana Robertson

RMTi Licensed Consultant
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shefford, England
United Kingdom (UK)
  • English
  • Russian

Svetlana Robertson

I have always been interested in psychology and child development, I have trained in education and have a degree in teaching English and German and worked as a classroom teacher for many years. I also hold a first class degree in psychology.

I am also a parent to an amazing child who was not following the 'neurotypical' path of development, but has made an amazing progress with all the work we have done, including RMTi. I am now using my knowledge and experience to help other children overcome their difficulties, improve their learning and behaviour, reduce their parents' stress and frustration and make families happier.
I Like using RMTi in my work, it is well structured and easy for parents to do with children at home.
I have a special interest in Autism and related challenges, speech and language delays and disorders.

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