Tomomi Miyakawa

RMTi Licensed Consultant
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0777 957 3959

London, England
United Kingdom (UK)
  • English
  • Japanese

Tomomi Miyakawa

Tomomi believes that (with some help!) we are all capable of looking after ourselves with our innate healing ability. This is the reason why Tomomi is so passionate about RMT, as the patients are able to take home the technique and help themselves or their loved ones to get healthier and achieve a better quality of life.

Location: Central London

In addition to RMT Tomomi is a qualified homeopath, massage therapist and a doula. Through out the years, she has worked with, treating a variety of conditions on all levels such as mental/emotional/behavioural or physical, and addressing what is needed in order for the person to have a better and happier life.

Tomomi is happy to work in both English and Japanese.

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