Ann Marie Palmer

RMTi Licensed Student
RMTi Licensed Consultant
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High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire , England
United Kingdom (UK)

Ann Marie Palmer

I am a Neuro Developmental Therapist with a background in Montessori Teaching and a Post Graduate in SEN from Montessori Education for Autism.
Retained Primitive reflexes cause individuals to feel 'stuck' and unable to achieve their true potential. Anxieties, habits and behaviour can be traced to the retention of reflexes and these can be resolved through the programme of movements. Learning difficulties with memory, writing, reading, maths and organisation can be supported with the integration of reflexes. It is never too late and work with adults is as popular as work with children. The brain's plasticity allows us to create new neural pathways and strengthen the existing pathways. Movement matures the body and brain.
I am also a Waldon Therapist, meaning comes from movement and the Approach is fundamental in helping children with moderate to severe learning difficulties acquire practical life skills and gain understanding of the world.
I hold a Certificate in Counselling Skills using the Arts for children. I am currently studying for my MBACP Diploma for Child and Adolescent Counselling at the prestigious Institute for Art in Therapy and Education in Islington, London. This training influences how I work so that my connection with children is always empathic and curious. My work incorporates the joy of creativity alongside the powerful expression we find through art, clay sand, music and dance.
Rhythmic Movement was the lightbulb moment for me and it is the most powerful work I have experienced, I want everyone to know about it!
I work in schools and from Leap Children's Therapy in High Wycombe.

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