Damaris Bybee

RMTi Licensed Consultant
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Atlanta, Georgia
United States
Language(s): English

Damaris Bybee

My journey to RMTi began when I was just a child struggling with learning disabilities of my own. From a young age I was fascinated by the “why and how” of the human experience. I began working with autistic and neuro-divergent children when I was only in middle school. This sparked a passion in me to be a part of a new system that provided equal access to age appropriate content and support for all people. In the last 10 years I have studied yoga, mindfulness, aac, reiki, and massage therapy. I use these tools in conjunction with RMTi to support people of all ages whether they have sensory processing issues, learning differences, autism, anxiety, depression, and ocd. My calling is to help each individual find a path to achieve their personal goals of heath and wellness.

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