Louise Cooke

RMTi Licensed Consultant
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Liverpool, England
United Kingdom (UK)

Louise Cooke

From the very begining I was interested in how people learn, partly because of my own learning difficulties and in order to survive school and acheive I taught myself various ways of getting the information I needed to do 3 science A levels and a natural science degree to stick.

I worked for many years in Acute psychiatric services and became interested in how early life experiences affected the mental health of adults and children I worked with. Later I moved into working in the NHS psychotherapy services for 5 years, teaching many staff a new brief therapy, Cognitive Analytic Therapy. At much the same time I discovered Kinesiology and was introduced to an Educational Kinesiologist who worked with my son. The impact on him was dramatic, over a period of months issues that we had been struggling with for years were resolved as he started to understand what he was reading and became able to express himself on paper.Also his attention span improved and his exam marks soared. I knew I needed to learn this form of therapy.

As a Biologist using movement to improve the mind makes complete sense. The mind controls the body so why not use the body to improve the mind. If a child has difficulty tracking two eyes together, or focusing at reading distance the mind body system is under stress. With this understanding and therapies I now had the tools to release that stress.

As my interest in using movement as therapy grew, I followed the Brain Gym training programme to Instructor level. More recently I became a Rhythmic Movement Training Consultant as the idea of retained infant reflexes gripped me and would not let go. I have now been a consultant for around five years and do a lot of work with children of all abilities.
I find that Nutrition also often plays a role with learning issues and I undertook a 2 year training in Naturopathic Nutrition.


Touch for Health instructor
Brain Gym® Instructor
Educational Kinesiology consultant
Rhythmic Movement training consultant
Rhythmic Movement Training– Facial Reflexes and Bonding with Moira Dempsey RMT Instructor - April 2009 and May 2017
Growing from Gurgle to Google - How Early Childhood Development affects functioning in later life with Gillian Hindshaw,

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