Laura Parker

RMTi Licensed Consultant
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Gig Habor, Washington
United States
Language(s): English

Laura Parker

B.A. Psychology emphasis in Child Development, Credentialed Teacher, Certified Rhythmic Movement Training Provider, Certified Language Development Specialist, & Certified Dyslexia Remediation Specialist. In the past 28 years I have taught in regular, special, and homeschool education in both public and private arenas.

I spent 7 years as Director of a private school and have designed curriculum for Los Angeles Unified School District as well as for special and gifted education. I am currently the Educational Director of Hands On Learning Solutions, which specializes in education and dyslexia. At our clinic we incorporate components of movement therapies including RMT along with auditory stimulation programs like Integrated Listening Systems and Samonas Sound Therapy.

We also use PACE, Lindamood-Bell, SmartPlus, Barton, and other programs designed to remediate learning challenges. .

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