Amy Conway

RMTi Licensed Student
RMTi Licensed Consultant
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Amy Conway

I discovered the world of RMTi as I had read primitive reflex integration was really good for kids with sensory issues. Given I had to travel abroad with my child for this help I also decided to train in it. I have found this training has changed my family and helped each one of them, even those that I didn't think needed any help at all.
I realize that their are so many other parents in Ireland looking for help for their children that I have started practicing. I have volunteered for years with the scouts and now also with an autism charity. While RMTi is very far from the world of finance and consultancy, the mind set that their is help for learning challenges out there and I really want to help these kids have an easier time.
RMTi works especially well for those with sensory issues, movement or learning, reading and writing difficulties. The calm it can bring to a child so that they can enjoy life more is lovely to observe

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