Carolina Riera Quintero

RMTi Licensed Student
RMTi Licensed Consultant
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Edinburgh, Scotland
United Kingdom (UK)
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Carolina Riera Quintero

After working many years with children following therapies learned in the University, I always had felt that they were not enough to help them. Then I started several courses about brain laterality and neurofunctional disorders in a medical centre in Barcelona, this training led me to the discovery of the Rhythmic Movement Therapy, which I have applied in my consultancy since then.
Changes in children are amazing due to neuroplasticity, but not only children with disabilities like Autism, Dyslexia or ADHD can benefit, any of us can also have benefit of it, as it improves our postures, our brain way of working and definitely our health and wellbeing.


MSc in Child Neuropsychology
MSc in Language and Hearing disorders
Postgraduate in Dyslexia and writing disorders
Courses of neuro-sensory-motor development
Bachelor Degree in Psychology

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