Evonne Bennell

RMTi Licensed Consultant
RMTi Licensed Instructor
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Sydney/Warrawee, New South Wales
Language(s): English

Evonne Bennell

  • RMT for School Readiness
  • RMTi One - Focus, Organisation & Comprehension
  • Essentials of RMTI - A Half Day Introduction to Rhythmic Movement Training
  • Rhythm, Movement and Play - A One Day Introduction to RMTI
  • RMTi Two - Emotions, Memory & Behavior
  • RMTi Three - Reading and Writing

My work is primarily a blend of RMT reflex integration with sensory support and play. I am passionate about sharing my experiences with others working with all ages and abilities. I have a keen interest in working with babies especially with supporting milestone achievement, and developmental delays, those seeking learning support, postural stability and sensory modulation. Its important to me to have low cost movement solutions and RMT is a cornerstone of my neuro-developmental support, enabling enhanced brain/body organisation, primitive reflex integration and emotional resilience. Can't wait to share it with you - I teach throughout Australia, and offer courses in New Zealand and Asia by request. Contact me if you would like more information or to learn RMT where you live.

I offer regular training of RMT 1, 2 and 3 or 1 day workshops and School Readiness to interested groups anywhere in Australia or overseas. you can read more about my background on my website. www.evonnebennell.com

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