Johannah Bailey

RMTi Licensed Consultant
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RUGBY, England
United Kingdom (UK)

Johannah Bailey

I came across reflex integration on a yoga festival and was fascinated by it's powerful effectiveness straight away. After many years of self-study and exploration with myself and my son I decided it was time to learn about reflex integration on a deeper level and started my RMTi journey. To say the least it has been life changing for both of us and the whole family.

I now include RMTi into most of my other treatments and yoga classes and find it invaluable especially when working with clients with chronic illness, pain and trauma related issues. My passion is to empower my clients through reflex integration and healing the nervous system and be a companion on their journey into health and well-being.

I work with adults, children and whole families from all backgrounds and with all sorts of challenges. My main focus is on finding joy and fun within your body, regaining connection through safe exploration and befriending your body so that you and your family can step by step move into balance.

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