Abir Baidoun

RMTi Licensed Student
RMTi Licensed Consultant
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Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur
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Abir Baidoun

A passionate learner, integrative practitioner, therapist, and coach
As a dedicated mom Abir believed in the uniqueness of every child. She was never interested in what seems like "can not be done", instead she was always interested in possibilities, what CAN be achieved, and life transforming solutions.
Abir's awareness about her role as the first educator and mentor to her kids lead her to walk this path. Since 2010 she studied different empowering modalities, and has been continuously involved in the area of learning and wellness.
Abir has qualified for the status of RMTi Consultant, Certified HANDLE Practitioner; Medical Wellness Qigong Practitioner, Family Virtues facilitator, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, ACSTH Results coaching certification; and still passionately learning.
Abir is very passionate about sharing her knowledge to empower families and children, equip them with the right tools to grow and thrive in life.
Abir have always had great appreciation for the magnificence of the human body, and as a therapist she has witnessed over and over again the human's body intelligence correcting its course whenever given the right resources. Making right choices always lead to an empowered life. Everybody has this innate gift of intelligence, so let's make the change that you desire.
Let's turn every obstacle you face into an opportunity of learning and growth.

I'll be happy to hold the space for you while you walk this journey!

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