James Beale

RMTi Licensed Consultant
RMTi Licensed Student
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Fareham, England
United Kingdom (UK)

James Beale

Like the majority of the RMT trainers, trainees and consultants I have met, I first encountered Rhythmic Movement Training as a client; or more accurately, the parent of a client. Observing my son’s treatment allowed me to see for the first time and first-hand the kind of progress that can be achieved, and the difference that it could make to his (and our) lives. I hesitate to call this a transformation because I don’t think that he has “changed” so much as grown into himself. Indeed, a major part of the growth that we have experienced has been in our relationship. My own perspective on parenting has matured, and I have come to realise that nothing is so important as the connection between my son and I.

This experience inspired me to train as a consultant and help others to achieve this kind of progress and confluence. RMT is not a magic wand, and it takes patience in the sense of endurance and also in the sense of forbearance. But it is also a gentle and compassionate modality that works with the natural rhythms and processes of the body and brain.

In my practice, I am interested in understanding the client’s perspective and what conclusions they draw from their interaction with other people and the world. This is helpful in getting to the root of any behaviour that is ineffective or self-sabotaging and allowing such patterns to be released.

I work with adults as well as children and with all types of developmental or emotional conditions/challenges.

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