Emily Healy

RMTi Licensed Consultant
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Adelaide/Darwin/Newcastle/Jamestown, South Australia
Language(s): English

Emily Healy

Hi I’m Emily founder and director of Tailored Learning Centre. I’m a registered teacher with a speciality in special education and neurodevelopment, with a background in counselling and support of women and children from domestic violence and abuse. I have been working with children and adults for over 20 years.

I believe in neuroplasticity and the ability to influence change in the brain. As a consultant, I have the joy of facilitating this change. Helping to develop efficient neural pathways through research-based programs for a brighter future.

I work with adults and children who are ready for a change, a life they deserve with reduced struggle and increased happiness. My clients have the potential to lead fulfilling live by identifying the underlying causes of the difficulty. Our individualised programs can be developed to target and unlock this potential.

I work with people who value happiness and the opportunity to grow and achieve their goals. The programmes are designed to meet the client at their unique starting point so that lasting change can be achieved. Working with other professionals to ensure the best service delivery is achieved for maximum benefit/outcomes.

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