Lesley Ann Penistone

RMTi Licensed Consultant
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Woking, England
United Kingdom (UK)

Lesley Ann Penistone

Through her own family's experiences, Lesley has been made aware that movement is essential to childhood development. She created Challenges, a movement class for children who need movement in a non judgemental and non competitive environment. This is open to children with some physical disabilities, developmental and behaviour challenges or any child who wants to take part but is never chosen for the team.

‘When I heard about RMT I realised how much sense it made. There are reflexes that when they are stuck, they block further development. I have now qualified in all aspects of Rhythmic Movement Therapy (RMT) and together with some other educational movement therapies, can put a plan together to help your child with dyslexia, dyscalcula, dyspraxia, anxiety, ADHD, autistism and sensory processing. This I carry out in my one to one clinic. Here, I work with the child and parent, showing how the neuro developmental movements should be done. I am very empathetic to the family especially after my own family’s experiences. I am very approachable and can connect with children. I can, by arrangement, also apply the therapies in a group session.

I am really pleased to share that existing clients have reported back, advising me that after just one session, changes have been noted for the better.

Sessions are for one hour, where I check for retained reflexes. Movements are shown to the parent and the child. The child tells us which ones he or she prefers and then during the month the movements are done regularly, working up to daily. Check ins are done as often as needed during the next month in between appointments. I can't be specific on how long it takes for the therapy to be complete, it is different for each client, as long as positive changes are occurring, eg being able to pay attention for longer, handwriting becomes easy to read, self confidence is on the up, I will carry on with you until you feel that my job is done.

Please do get in touch to discuss your situation and together we can come up with a plan.'

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