Sarah Matthews

RMTi Licensed Student
RMTi Licensed Consultant
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Wokingham, England
United Kingdom (UK)

Sarah Matthews

My passion for making changes at the nervous system level stems from my many years working in schools supporting many different children. I didn't have the understanding of "why" I was seeing certain patterns and "why" certain behaviour would be suddenly triggered.

But I knew that making children sit still and do "more " of what they were not feeling skilled at was not how I wanted to work, so I left.

When I began visiting schools to teach meditation and breathwork, the penny finally dropped, many of my kids simply could not get their bodies to coordinate certain movements they found a lot of slow deliberate movement very tricky. My science training kept asking me why,.......and the why lead me to RMT.

RMT had helped me to make sense of myself, I know why I took ages to ride a bike, I found out why I needed to hold a stair rail and even why I hated noisy cafe's. I gave my body the opportunity to have a choice- to stay as I was or to find an easier way to be in the world.

That's how I work now; with children, teens and adults; asking each body - "What is it that you need to make your way in the World easier". Working together we find the movement that your body needs in a way that supports you to your fullest potential.

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