Jacqui Irven

RMTi Licensed Student
RMTi Licensed Consultant
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Cornwall and West Sussex,
United Kingdom (UK)

Jacqui Irven

Jacqui was thrilled to become a Consultant in Rhythmic Movement Training in 2019 after many years of studying and working in a variety of educational settings from pre-school to university levels.

Jacqui is a trained teacher, with BA (Hons) in Education, a qualified NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, First Aider and Mental Health First Aider. Since 2000 I have been working with pupils to raise attainment and achievement alongside wellbeing and overcoming barriers to learning.

Whilst researching neurological development I came across RMTi. This therapy has sustainable results in both the classroom and with individuals. In the classroom setting the profound integration that individuals experienced then radiate out and had a ripple effect. The outcome was that low level classroom disturbances were overcome and teachers were thrilled with this knock on affect.

I am currently working on the pastoral side of education in a private school supporting students in becoming the people they want to be. By supporting them to overcome barriers to their development which could be emotional, behavioral or physical issues has had positive results and elicited gratitude from their parents.

In my developing private practice I have seen dramatic change in my clients and I am looking to develop this further. To see client’s achieve things with ease and flow after being stuck in a situation or state has been heart-warming. I have also moved to Cornwall to support my 94 year old Father who has been enjoying therapy to enable him to be, he has benefited greatly for these sessions.
Just yesterday 17/11/20 it was not one of his good days after an hours therapy he got up and said he felt 95% better from the support the session had given him.

If a client has not integrated or has retained reflexes this can inhibit their selves. We, as developing human-beings, must not run before we can walk or walk before we crawl or crawl before we have connected to our limbs and brain. If we miss any one of these links we may not be standing on a solid foundation which. when under stress. or other factors may cause us to collapse or to lose it!

If you have felt any resonance with any of the above or just want to become an even better version of yourself please do get in contact with me through this platform. I look forward to working with you or a member of your family.

Further information
Jacqui has worked as a Pre-school Music Teacher working with children some of whom had learning challenges. She has two grown up sons one in his early 30’s and the other in his late 20’s. Being a natural care giver to overcome the empty nest syndrome, she went into residential roles in private educations as Housemistress and Matrons. My latest move has been to Cornwall down to St Agnes. I am very lucky to have a base in both Shoreham- by- Sea and St Agnes. I am resigning a website and will be trading as Redefinefoundations.com.

Jacqui worked for Middlesex University from 2000-2005 on external outreach to communities and schools. Managing the Student Associates Scheme Aimhigher from 2003 following research into neurological development came across Brain Gym@ and soon after Rhythmic Movement Training (RMTi) to boost the mentoring work that was part of this scheme. Jacqui brought Gill Brooksmith in to train the mentors who were going out into the secondary schools across North London and Middlesex.
Jacqui then went to work at Borough level in Hammersmith and Fulham on Aimhigher with other responsibilities for Post -16 Gifted and Talented, STEM and had an Independent State School Partnership. She was Vice- Chair to Aimhigher West London and in 2009 helped to merge 3 Partnerships to work under one umbrella to save funding.

Jacqui has worked at Board level as a Member of EIC Board Haringey, Member of CEA Islington council’s Ethnic Minority Achievement Steering Group, Aimhigher North London and then West London. As Chair of Governors at the Primary Level and on other JMI schools as a Governor and at the Secondary level as Parent Governor.

Due to my own unintegrated reflexes I could truck on and on, colleagues knew I could raise the phoenix from the ashes with great success. My own head, heart and body were not connected I only realised this when having an aroma therapy massage when the therapist said it was like massaging two different people my top half was not connected to my bottom half. Through attending RMTi training and having other Consultants working on me I am now truly connected and the happiest I have ever been. I am relaxed, my own family have noticed the amazing change in me over the past 6 years of working with RMTi.

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