Cathy Beaudoin

RMTi Licensed Consultant
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Saint-Jerome, Quebec
Language(s): French

Cathy Beaudoin

I am a psychoeducator of formation. I have worked with children for 20 years in different types of settings: CPE, family daycare, school daycare, community center. I am also a teacher of the Early Childhood Education Program and a School Educator. I also provide training to family on child development. In my interventions, despite the tools given to children, parents and caregivers, I faced certain limitations when the child told me, but it is stronger than I am, Stop. The RMT has given me answers, but above all solutions at this level. In addition, I am always looking for simple and practical tools for parents, with the stressful life in which we live and the RMT also responds. I am still fascinated to see the almost magical effects in children and the relief on their faces to see that they are not guilty of their difficulties since they could do nothing about it. Hoping to meet you and share my passion for RMT and give wings to your child.

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