Carolyn Doorbar

RMTi Licensed Consultant
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WInchester, England
United Kingdom (UK)
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Carolyn Doorbar

For most of her life she has worked as a teacher, in primary and secondary schools, and as an adult tutor, focusing on literacy and numeracy difficulties. Carolyn first came across kinesiology on a training course for teaching dyslexics where she was told about a book called Brain Gym for Teachers. She found the exercises really helped some of her students, and improved her own co-ordination, so began training as an Educational Kinesiologist. In turn this led her to Rhythmic Movement Training, which has given her a much deeper understanding of developmental issues for children and adults. This programme has become an important part of Carolyn’s kinesiology ‘toolbox’.

Carolyn is based in Winchester and offer sessions to clients in their homes throughout Central Hampshire rather than working from a clinic.

Have been using RMT with clients for four years. Kinesiology Federation Recognised Practitioner Edu-K Consultant Touch for Health Proficient Reiki 1

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